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A place where ideas, inspiration and art infuse together to bring your imagination and dreams to reality.

The 24x7 House Plan believes that interior designing is not just about home decoration; it’s about imaginative and efficient use of color, pattern, texture, light and space to create beautiful rooms which makes you feel as good as they look. We are a leading Interior Design Firm in Kerala and Karnataka, which offer full service interior design to match any project budget and scope of work!
We make sure that your home tells a story of who you are and, is a collection of what you love.


Why 24x7 House Plan

The 24x7 House Plan craft homes that reflect the personal style of every individual. Since 10 Years, it has been building itself as a brand holding on to a steadfast vision, quality deliverance and an incredible service record in interior designing.

Vision & Mission

The 24x7 House Plan brings up its enterprising efforts to envision such dream homes for people where luxury, style and comforts are brought together.

Our Values

The 24x7 House Plan is one of the best Interior Designers in Kerala and Karnataka, which is running on the values of love with which we decorate our homes for the family.

About Us

For years we have transformed houses into beautiful homes. Our team of expert craftsmen have a profound vision for art and aesthetics that works superbly when combined with the science of designs. We create deigns that not only make a space look and function better, but significantly affect your mood and wellbeing. By using uplifting color schemes, well-designed furnishings and furniture and thoughtful manipulation of light and space is how we are able to bring your dream home into reality..

Our Awesome Group

We have a team of highly talented experienced interior designers giving personal attention to each customer from main office and branch offices. Limited number of clients are being allocated to each one considering the total time required, situation of site, and implementation requirement. Team members make use of the latest trends in world-class designs and are well informed to bring out the best possible result. They visit the site, take actual measurements and complete the drawings as per the requirements.

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Each of our client’s project is unique to us. We aim to create a fresh new design, infused with the client’s individuality, to each project. Here is a sample selection of designs created by us, including entire homes, modular kitchens, living rooms, children’s rooms, offices and more.

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